Bob Maczis, Chief Creative Officer / Co-Owner, SNS Marketing: “During my entire career, Joe is without a doubt the single most talented creative production specialist I have ever worked with. Every single creative product ever produced at SNS Marketing included Joe’s magic. A great idea is always guaranteed a fantastic execution once Joe gets hold of it. He thrives on persistence, painstaking detail and team wins. They say when it comes to speed, efficiency and quality, you can pick any two. With Joe you consistently get all three, even under crazy pressure. If I were ever to form another ad agency, I would certainly pursue Joe as one of my priority hires.”

Dave Dobyski – Senior Art Director, SNS Marketing: “Joe and I worked along side one another for 12 years. I know him as not only the perfect Production Manager, but as a great friend. He is a one-man production shop and takes care of business like no other. Projects always move smoothly through the process, and once the Art Direction of a project is complete Joe does the rest. A master of the details, you can be sure your project will be pixel perfect. Beyond Production details, he also kept our entire creative department organized, archived and safely backed up. Joe’s initiatives to keeping workflow running smoothly and efficiently allowed me much more time to think creatively. Anyone that knows Joe will tell you he is extremely smart, dedicated and trust worthy. Hire him and you will quickly realize he’s a talent that no creative team should do without.”

Gerry Hanlon – Creative Director / Owner, Hanlon Marketing Partners: “Joe Gorman was the utterly dependable backbone of the ad agency I founded in the 1990s. In the time since then, I have relied extensively on his skills, creativity, dedication and commitment to perfection in production and production management, as well as for a variety of new business opportunities. His ability to get the job done is remarkable. When combined with the care he demonstrates consistently, Joe has shown that he inevitably becomes a hugely valuable resource for any organization lucky enough to have found and hired him.”

Richard Grant – Vice President, Channel Communications: “I had the distinct pleasure of working with Joe Gorman while at Hanlon Dorsey. Joe is one of the most talented designer/production people that I have ever worked with. He was able to make the most mundane products or assignments exciting and memorable. His analytical production skills are amazing. Joe will make certain that a project is produced as approved, while being on time and typically under budget. I would recommend Joe to anyone!”